Since 2001, I've been in love with live radio. During my four years as an undergrad at Radford University, I found myself working for the student radio statio WVRU as both a DJ and audio producer. Hosting programs like The Jazz Cafe, Classical Matinee as well as my own program 100% Markup, the small studios on the RU campus quickly became my second home.

After graduating in 2005, I started working part-time as a producer for the minor league hockey team in Roanoke, Virgina. On game nights I would live broadcast the remote signal from the rink to the AM radio audience as well as capture highlighs on the fly for re-broadcast during period breaks. This would be my first - and only - foray into my professional radio career.

In 2007 I moved to Austin, Texas and the following year became a certified programmer at KOOP radio. I quickly joined the other volunteers who were proficient and interested in rebuilding the recently destroyed studios as well as starting my own weekly program UNDER THE ETERNAL NIGHT in 2009. At the same time I joined the production team in order to produce on-air segments for local non-profits and underwriters. In the spring of 2017 I created another weekly program DPX Hi-Test, which airs on Friday nights. You can find both of these programs on the KOOP on-air schedule.

Along with both of these weekly programs, I also fill in for other DJs periodically. These span multiple genres and are always a fun project to expand both my own musical lexicon as well as providing fresh content for the listeners. You can find many of these mixes on my MixCloud account.

In 2020 I was given the KOOP Silver Mic award for Best Programmer 2019-2020.

DPX Hi-Test ยท Over You - A Liquid Mix