Old habits die hard

I've always been a fan of incorporating the process into the work. We all know that today's modern devices have far better cameras than most consumers could afford in the past, but there's something about the mechanical nature of hands-on film photography that gets lost in today's Instagram culture.

Darkroom photography has always been one of my creative passions. Developing the film, working in the safe light, the smell of the chemicals, spending hours trying to get that perfect print - these are all parts of the process that make the end result so fulfilling. As an undergraduate in the college of visual and performing arts at Radford University, I spent countless hours in the darkroom over three semesters of beginning to advanced photography. In Austin, I continued that work up until the facilities closed in March of 2020. I look forward to being able to spend countless more hours squinting in the dark under that dim red light.

Find more images here, taken on 20+ year old expired film.